Community Favorite Recipe Book-THIS EVENT IS CLOSED

The Woolwich Fire Company needs your help. We are collecting favorite recipes from the residents to be published in a beautiful spiral bound cookbook. Just print or type your favorite recipe(s) in the easy to follow format shown below. Be sure to put a title on your recipe. Please deliver or send your recipe(s) to us by Tuesday, November 4th. You may give your recipe(s) to a member, drop it off to the mailbox at the Fire Station, or email it to Woolwichfire251@hotmail.com. We appreciate your contribution and participation.

These personalized cookbooks will make great gifts since they’ll have your own recipe(s) published in it. Your friends and family will especially enjoy it. It will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. To reserve a cookbook email your name, address and phone number to Woolwichfire251@hotmail.com. Also, tell us, how many copies you want to reserve. We will contact once the cookbook is published.

Again, your Fire Company thanks you for your continued support and especially for your participation in this project.

recipe form


Residents visit fire house on Swedesboro/Woolwich Day

s-wDay_cResidents visiting the Woolwich fire house on Saturday, September 27 were able to pickup information about fire prevention. Also, fire equipment was on display, the County smoke house and a demonstration with a wrecked car. We appreciate the many families that stopped by to say ‘Hello”.


Woolwich Fire Company participates in Patriot Day Ceremony

Patriot Day logoR                Woolwich Fire Company, Gloucester County EMS and Woolwich Police Department  served as Honor Guard for the Township of Woolwich Patriot Day Ceremony at the Township Building.11 Sept 2014 038R Township officials and residents watched as the ‘Never Forget Flag’ was raised and they remembered the heroes of that day.

                    11 Sept 2014 058R



4th Annual Mario’s Lemonade Stand Fundraiser visited by Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi holds hands with ten-year-old Mario Carpino during the Carpino’s annual Alex’s Lemonade Stand Fundraiser at the Woolwich Fire Company Station in Swedesboro, NJ. The fundraiser was held Saturday, June 7, 2014. Mario, who is fighting four inoperable brain tumors, had his dream come true when Bon Jovi made a surprise visit during the fundraiser. (Photo courtesy of the South Jersey Times. For more information visit http://nj.com/gloucester-county/index.ssf/2014/06/jon_bon_jovi_visits_woolwich_cancer_patients_fundraiser.html

Bon Jovi Shaking Hands w-Mario


“Local Bootcamp produces results for the Woolwich Fire Company”

Bernadette Noonan conducts an 8-week Tabata Bootcamp for local residents at Locke Avenue Park. Mrs. Noonan has donated a portion of her profits from a recent Bernadette Bootcamp to the Woolwich Fire Company. Bernadette has decided to donate a portion of her profits from each 8-week camp to a local worthy cause. Our thanks to Bernadette for her generous donation to the fire company.


October is Fire Prevention Month

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
The U.S. Fire Administration reports that fires kill more than 4,000 Americans each year and approximately injure 20,000 more. U.S. fire departments respond to nearly 2 million fires each year, with three-quarters of them occurring in residences.

A home is often referred to as a safe haven. This month, make sure your home is protected from (and your family is prepared for) a fire. Here are 10 simple tips to help you avoid fires and reduce the risk of injury should one occur:

1) Smoke Alarms – These are still a very important addition to your home. Smoke alarms are widely available and inexpensive. Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home and test it monthly.

2) Prevent Electrical Fires – Don’t overload circuits or extension cords. Cords and wires should never be placed under rugs or in high traffic areas. Avoid loose electrical connections by checking the fit of the plug in the wall outlet. If the plug loosely fits, inspect the outlet right away. A poor connection between the plug and the outlet can cause overheating and can start a fire in minutes.

4) Alternate Heaters – Make sure there is ample space around any portable heating unit. Anything that could catch fire should be at least three feet away. Inspect your chimney annually and use fire screens to help keep any fires in the fireplace.

5) Fire Safety Sprinklers –When combined with working smoke alarms, home fire sprinklers greatly increase your chance of surviving a fire. Sprinklers are affordable and they can increase property value and lower insurance rates.

6) Create An Escape Route –Create and practice your escape plan with your family from every room in the house. Practice staying low to the floor and checking for hot doors using the back of your hand. It’s just like a routine school fire drill – but in your home.

7) Position Appliances Carefully – Try to keep TV sets, kitchen and other appliances away from windows with curtains. If there is a wiring problem, curtains can spread a fire quickly. Additionally, keeping your appliances away from water sources (like rain coming in from windows) can help prevent wiring damage which can lead to a fire.

8) Clean Dryer Vents – Clothes dryers often start fires in residential areas. Clean the lint filter every time you start a load of clothes to dry or after the drying cycle is complete. Make sure your exhaust duct is made of metal tubing and not plastic or foil. Clean the exhaust duct with a good quality dryer vent brush to prevent blockage & check for lint build up behind the dryer at least twice a year.

9) Be Careful Around the Holidays – If you fill your home with lights during the holiday season, keep them away from anything that can easily catch fire. Check all of your lights prior to stringing them up and dispose of anything with frayed or exposed wires.

10) Conduct Regular Inspections – Check all of your electronic equipment and wiring at least once a month. Taking a little time to do this each month can really pay off.


115th Anniversary

Saturday, August 10, 2013 12:00
Come celebrate our 115th Anniversary and the housing of 2513.


3rd Annual Mario’s Fight Lemonade Stand


Saturday, June 8, 2013
The fire company will be hosting The Mario’s Fight 3rd Annual Lemonade Stand on Saturday June 8th from 9am to 5pm. Please come out and help us reach our $50,000 goal. There will be plenty of fun for the entire family including: a fire truck slide, dunk tank, face painter, chinese auction (lots of items), and much more. All of the money raised will go to The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to fund pediatric cancer research. http://www.alexslemonade.org/mypage/91994